How To Make Money Distributing Toilet Paper Rolls

If you have nothing to sell in Nigeria today, life will not be easy for you.

It’s no news that salaries are no longer enough for you to:

  • pay your rent
  • pay your bills
  • provide for your family 

Just like the biblical ten Virgins, it’s only those who have extra oil that will achieve their goals.

The question is-out of so many products out there in the market begging to be sold, which one has the greatest potential to:

  • give high returns on investment?
  • start with little money?
  • be in demand all year?
  • to not spoil in your hands (perishable)?
  • generate daily sales?

I’m afraid you may not find the answers to these questions on Google.

Shunryu Suzuki once said “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few.”

True to this saying, there are many items to sell in the market, all with a potential to help you make money.

Unfortunately, it’s only insiders who are in one business or the other that will share the needed insights in any business.

Which will hopefully guide you in making the right decision on what business to start or what goods to sell.

Sadly, business secrets are not what you prick off people mouths with a toothpick.

That’s why I wrote this report for you, to reveal one of the best kept business secrets of the last five years.

But before I proceed, I would want to share a quick story with you…

A few years ago, I met a young man who I would like to call Denis here. When I met Denis, he was serving his boss as an apprentice. He was learning the toilet paper distribution business.

It didn’t take long Denis got “settled” by his boss.

With money in his pocket, the big question on his mind was- “which toilet paper brand should I invest my money in?”

Well, he made a smart choice (which I will reveal later) and started distributing his chosen brand of toilet paper.

In just 3 short years, Denis’ toilet paper distribution business has grown so much so that he was able to:

  • rent more number of shops
  • get married
  • bought a car
  • build a house

All from the sale of toilet paper rolls in the market.

While this is not about Denis. No!

However, because I know how Denis started and studied his business model closely. I’m privileged to share how just anyone can Make Money Distributing Toilet Paper Rolls.

Not Sure Of Where To Start

I know you’ve heard that for you to start any business; you need to go learn it. While that’s true. After reading this report, you’ll be able to understand and start a toilet paper distribution business faster than most Nigerians would learn to drive a car.

Who Should Start This Business?

If you want to start a distribution business but don’t know which item to sell.

If you desire to start a side hustle or a full blown business selling fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). You don’t need a certification to start this business. You equally do not need  prior knowledge of toilet paper business (this report will set you up as quickly as you can finish reading it)

Choosing Toilet Paper Rolls To Sell

While there are so many toilet paper rolls in the market. Selecting which ones to sell could become quite challenging. Why?

A lot of people believe that the cheapest toilet paper rolls in the market are the fastest moving. Dead wrong!

Here are the facts

  • You could have the cheapest toilet papers in the market and still struggle to sell them.
  • You could have the finest toilet paper in the market and still find it difficult to sell.
  • You could have the most advertised toilet paper roll in your shop and still not sell

How then do you know which toilet paper to buy?

First you need to visit the market and collect intel. Find out which toilet paper rolls are the fastest selling. Find out which ones consumers always talk about. Which ones do you see often on top of vehicles that leave the market?

Ask some of your friends which toilet paper rolls they love to use and why. Visit the supermarket and observe which toilet paper roll are flying off the shelves.

When you have collected these intel-or what I like to call Market Research, then you would and should be able to make an informed decision on which toilet paper roll to buy. And by extension which toilet paper company to contact.

Who Are Your Customers?

The beauty of selling toilet papers is that there is a ready market waiting for your products. All that is required of you is to identify those or what I like to call vehicles with which you make your product available to them.

Let’s take a look at some of your potential customers.

The beauty of selling toilet papers is that there is a ready market waiting for your products. All that is required of you is to identify those or what I like to call vehicles with which you make your product available to them.

Let’s take a look at some of your potential customers.

i. Wholesalers and Retailers

Wholesalers are those customers who buy upwards of 50-100 bags of toilet paper rolls. These are your primary targets; you should always strive to have so many of them. These are the ones that will drive sales of your toilet paper roll faster. You will discover them in the market by the nature of their business-they usually don’t sell items in bits, but sell in bulk.

ii. Retailers

These are your secondary customers. They are the ones that will most likely buy 1-5 bags from you. Or they may have to buy from your wholesaler, if you do not want to run around supplying them at their kiosks or shops.

iii. Hotels

Hotels use toilet paper rolls a lot. Especially the smaller sizes. You should find out the category of hotel you want to serve. Is it a five star hotel or a smaller hotel?

Once you decide on which you want to serve, you go ahead to book an appointment with the stockist and introduce yourself and talk about your product and how you intend to supply them.

iv. Institutions

By institutions I mean hospitals, schools, prisons, universities and the likes. You have to as part of your marketing and business growth strategy decide to visit these above listed institutions and send in your proposals.

Telling them why they should buy from you. I will share one secret with you-most toilet paper sellers don’t visit these institutions! This was one of the keys strategies that Denis (whose story I shred earlier) used to grow his business. Because few persons visit these institutions, there are less competition and you’re likely to close the deal and make sales.

v. Supermarkets

People like to visit the supermarkets these days. Before now, people usually believed that buying things from the supermarket was a lot pricier.

Not anymore!

You are most likely to discover that most commodities sold in supermarkets are quite cheaper than what you would buy from the open market.

With more people now buying things from the supermarkets, it is only wise that you too should peddle your wares (toilet paper roll) there. If your prices are okay and you agree on a favourable payment plan, you will make sales most of the time supplying supermarkets.

Go To Market Strategy

Fear is undoubtedly your biggest obstacle in starting this business. You’re most likely to be afraid to visit potential customers in the market to talk to them about your (preferred) brand of toilet papers. You probably are going to freeze your but on your chair when you begin to nurse the thoughts of possible rejections from uninterested customers. Don’t worry; it’s all part of the game. You win some and loose some.

Here’s a quick fix to all your fears-get up! Do it afraid!

First have a mental note of who you need to see with your toilet paper roll. Then plan on when to visit them with a sample of your toilet paper roll.

Before we go further, it is important to know WHO your customers are.

When you know them, then you design the appropriate strategy to use in getting them to buy from you.

Selling Strategies

While toilet paper is one of the fastest selling commodities in the market. Learning to sell them is not so common. In this report I will expose you to some of the potent strategies you can swipe to sell your toilet paper rolls.

i. Sampling

This is a simple strategy of taking some of your toilet paper rolls to your target customers (institutions, supermarkets, wholesalers etc).Here you take say individual sizes of your toilet paper rolls (medium, small and or jumbo sizes) and give it as a sample for them to use to see how good your claim is. When they accept to test your toilet paper brand, they will be more receptive of listening to your offers and probably consider buying from you.

ii. Sell Or Return

This was a strategy I used when selling pharmaceutical products. Here you approach a distributor you know sells off toilet paper rolls faster. Because he/she may not want to patronise your brand (as a newbie). Offering to invoice it to them at a sell or return basis takes away all their fears allowing them to at least stock and display your toilet paper brand in their shops. However, you should not leave so much quantity with them. Leave a small quantity they can quickly finish thereby making them to call you to supply more.

iii. Cash On delivery

As the name implies, it entails supplying only those who are willing to pay you cash once you supply them your toilet paper rolls.

However, as a new beginner, you may not use this strategy much as you are yet to be popular in the market (newbie). In any case, those you are able to convince to pay cash for your toilet paper rolls should be attended to first.

Where The Money Is

Up until now we have exhaustively discussed all that you need to succeed as a toilet paper distributor. Now is the time to show you how to make money selling toilet papers.

I have informed you that you have an array of customers to sell to.

It is important you understand how to sell your toilet paper rolls to all these customers.

Let’s say you bought 1000 bags of toilet paper rolls. You could make a minimum of N100,000 (one hundred thousand naira) on those number of toilet paper rolls you bought. If you sold them all with a profit of N100/bag. This gives you N100,000.Now you could make more money if you were selling to institutions. You could supply institutions at a slightly higher price and this would undoubtedly increase your profit making potentials.

Now, it is important I point out one thing. This 1000 bags is not a mixture of products. No! It could be just the sales of one single product.

You can comfortable sell of 1000 bags of toilet paper in less than 10 days depending on your market and selling skills.

The magic happens when you sell fast selling toilet papers in your kitty. You can sell up to 2000-3000 bags in one month-again depending on h your selling skills and the nature of your market. If you explore the other channels I mentioned in this report you will find out that selling toilet paper rolls will look easier than you ever could imagine.


Some companies reward her customers with good rebates and incentives on sales. Depending on your sales volume, you could make extra money from a company’s rebates and incentives which will further add more cash to your pocket and make you smile to the bank.


Other companies give bonus bags as an encouragement on certain number of orders to encourage voluminous purchases monthly. When you add these bonuses up in a month, you will discover that you have made more money from bonuses.

Final Thoughts

Phew!! What a boatload of actionable information. If you run with everything I have shared with you here, you will enter the toilet paper market like you have been there all your life.

I have done the heavy lifting for you making your job simpler. If you don’t want to carry out the strenuous work of researching the market in search of a dependable company with a track record of producing high quality, affordable and fast selling toilet paper rolls.

Then visit to begin your journey to becoming a successful toilet paper distributor and thank me later.

How To Make Money Distributing Toilet Papers