Here’s Why Everyone Wants To Sell Our Tissue Paper Rolls

Do you know you could have the cheapest brand of toilet paper packed in your warehouse and still find it extremely difficult to sell?

If you’ve been long enough in toilet paper distribution business, you probably know that not all toilet paper companies maintain the same quality of toilet papers as when they first started.

I know there are thousands of toilet paper brands to choose from in the market

Question is, are you willing to gamble with your hard earned money, choosing the next available toilet paper you see, hoping and praying the market accepts it.

If you’re looking for an innovative and affordable toilet paper roll, produced by a company with a track record of quality, integrity and exceptional customer service

Then you’ve got to take a sit and pay attention to what I’m about to share with you.

But before I continue…a quickly story.

Back then in 2016, there was hardly a way of distinguishing one toilet paper brand from the other.

Almost every toilet paper manufacturer produced toilet papers that competed only on price(N200 and N50) and size (small  and jumbo)-“me-too” products as I like to call them.

There was a lot of sameness in colour, pricing and product category

We looked at all these, studied the market and discovered that there was a group of toilet paper consumers that were underserved (young people) and decided to produce toilet papers for them.

We took our findings back to the factory and through series of iterations were able to produce for the first time in the Nigerian toilet paper industry the N100 (one hundred naira) medium sized toilet paper roll we branded it

Victoria Toilet Paper

This single product has helped our customers to make big money selling toilet paper rolls than they have made selling other “me-too” products in the market.

Why Choose Victoria Toilet Paper?

There is a popular belief in the market that since toilet papers are used to clean the bum–therefore there’s no preference for quality

This has led a lot of manufacturers to flood the market with substandard toilet papers.

NOT with us. Victoria toilet paper is produced following good manufacturing practices by a team of young professionals who have a penchant for quality.

Low grammage papers

Our toilet paper sheets are of low grammages which makes it light and absorbent ensuring that your drainage systems are not clogged needing a plumber regularly

Fine texture

Our sheets are without holes which gives a steady flow of wholesome toilet paper sheets that prevents your fingers piercing through touching faeces

No dust

Victoria toilet paper rolls have no dust particles, which means you won’t have allergic reactions nor dust particles settling on your beautiful bum when you wipe with it.

White sheets

Our immaculate white sheets, perfectly captures any leftover stains with your wipe making it visible

Giving you the necessary confidence to mingle without worries knowing that “you got it covered”

Double Embossment

Our sheets are embossed with beautiful designs, which not only ensure that the toilet paper is smooth and tender on your skin, allowing you to wipe as often as you want.

But also adds an aura of beauty to your rest room when unwrapped, revealing beautiful whitish designs, that gives you a sense of class.

Widely Accepted

Our consumers patronise us still not just because of these qualities

But because we have been consistently providing them with these premium values over the years

But Most Toilet Paper Suppliers Default On Their Claims And Promises

While this is common in business, we’ve built our brand on trust and have a community of loyal customers who can attest to our credibility and integrity any day, plus our

Cheat Me Now Guarantee

Ensures that we give you a full refund of your money if we fail to supply you good quality toilet papers that meets our advertised samples.

Thats not all,We have added these


To spice up the deal:

  • 1% discount on all others over 200 bags
  • Marketing support for orders over 3000 bags single purchase order
  • Free delivery on orders over 3000 bags
  • Free promotional materials

To Order

I understand you may have questions and would like to talk to us concerning your order. Kindly click the button below to connect with me directly, I will be glad to answer all your questions and set you up towards receiving your first order in your warehouse.

We’ve Helped Our Customers Make Big Money Selling Toilet Papers-Will You Be Next?

We would like to show you how our customers make money selling toilet papers and how you too can start making money selling toilet papers.

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