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How Our Toilet Paper Brand Can Make Over 400k/month For You In Your Location.

Dear toilet paper distributor, what I’m about to share with you will probably sound unreal because it has never been done or heard of in the Nigerian toilet paper market.

When you are done reading, you should be able to judge for yourself whether this piece of information was worth your while or not. However, I intend to make it worth your while.

As a toilet paper distributor, I know your goal is to make money selling fast-moving toilet paper rolls, produced by a reliable and trustworthy toilet paper company.

Sadly, nearly all toilet paper companies that approach you in the market come with a claim that their toilet paper brand is “fast-moving” and urges you to buy.

I know you know the truth of this claim from your past experiences selling toilet paper rolls in the market.

What I’m about to share with you is not another claim of “fast-moving toilet paper rolls.”

Rather, I am about to show you WHAT makes our toilet paper brands sell fast in any market. 

Eventually, making you want to become the sole distributor of our toilet paper rolls in your location.

But before I dive deeper into revealing our selling secret, let me share a little story with you…

My name is Emeka,Uzowihe.

I have been in toilet paper manufacture, sales, and marketing for the past 7 years now.

I registered our company Vichaez Integrated Enterprise in 2014.

Which was run by my wife, as I was then working as a salesman in a pharmaceutical company in Nigeria.

However, in May 2016, I quit my job to join my wife at the factory.
We had zero experience in the toilet paper market. Our first product was called Relief toilet paper rolls.

Just like any other new company with products in the marketplace, we were rejected by a lot of toilet paper distributors.

In other to sell, we increased the sizes of toilet paper rolls and reduced the price (a mistake that a lot of toilet paper companies are still making today), just so we can at least compete with other established toilet paper brands in the marketplace.

The results?
We nearly crashed out of the market. So my wife and I in one last push to stay competitive in the market decided to carry out market research to find out if there was any gap in the market we can create a product to fill. 

Luckily, our research led to the discovery that as of May 2016, there were no N100 (one hundred naira) toilet paper rolls in the market.

All there is was the N200 jumbo size and the N50 small size toilet paper rolls respectively.

So, through a series of experiments, we quickly created the first medium-sized N100 toilet paper roll in the Nigerian toilet paper market.

And we called it Victoria toilet paper roll!
The market at first rejected it again because toilet paper distributors had never seen a medium-sized N100 toilet paper roll and were afraid of stocking it.

Long story short, the few distributors that accepted to stock it with them sold out their orders faster than they expected.

They began to place huge orders for our brand –even to the extent of wanting to become the sole distributor of our toilet paper brands in the market.

We enjoyed a market monopoly as much as we could until competitors started producing medium-sized toilet paper rolls too.

As you well know, nearly almost every new toilet paper company that enters the market offers big sizes and prices their product cheaper than already established toilet paper rolls in the market so that they too can attract the attention of distributors.

Fast forward to today, with a lot of competitors having their own medium-sized toilet papers –competition set in. And our distributors started having challenges with sales 

With distributors having poor sales from stiff competition in the market, we also started having slow sales

We started thinking of what to do.

We ran sales promotions, gave incentives, and reduced prices, nothing seemed to work.

Sales were still poor.

So we went back to the drawing board to look for a strategy that will: 

  • reduce price resistance of our products, so our products can sell without comparing us to other cheap toilet paper rolls in the market
  • make our distributors sell more and faster (even in the face of stiff competition)
  • make consumers always choose our toilet paper rolls over other toilet paper rolls in the market
  • will create brand ambassadors who will spread our product’s good news to their friends and peers

That’s when we discovered an amazing selling strategy, which we called The Toilet Paper Sales Engineering Strategy (TPSES).

Ever since the development and use of TPSE, our toilet paper sales increased.

Our distributor’s sales increased too, plus they are now selling off our toilet paper rolls faster -I don’t need to tell you what that means for their wallets and bank accounts.


So What’s Toilet Paper Sales Engineering Strategy

TPES as we like to call it was developed to create a high demand for our products in the market. We discovered that it’s the final consumer that drives demand for toilet paper rolls in the market. So we designed TPSES to reach them in their homes, offices, kitchen-just wherever they are.


Through the use of a direct response marketing strategy to create:

  • actionable 
  • educational
  • motivational
  • engaging and 
  • life-transforming

contents on a 3×3 inches paper card (value cards as we call them) for our toilet paper consumers.

These value cards are inserted into the core tubes of our toilet paper rolls with a specific call to action.

When anyone buys our toilet paper rolls, they automatically get suckered into consuming our marketing contents delivered in the 3×3 cards which are inserted in the toilet paper rolls they just bought.

This information could be access to a training video, a blog post, or some key motivation necessary to go through daily living

The information contained in these 3×3 inches papers has the potential to help them:

  • learn a new skill that can help them make extra money by starting a new business 
  • become better informed about their health through our healthy living tips which we share via our blog posts
  • stay motivated as they pursue life’s goals through our religio-socio content.
  • Learn more about our products and get access to promotional campaigns whenever we start one 

These snackable contents are produced anew every 2 weeks so that consumers will be exposed to fresh and new content the next time they buy our products.

This creates loyal fans that:

  • Specifically, demand our brand (Victoria toilet paper) from retailers
  •  Recommend our toilet paper brands to their friends

All these create a pull effect in the market, causing both the retailer, wholesaler, and distributor to sell more of Victoria’s toilet paper rolls even when they have stocks of other toilet paper rolls. 

How Does TPES Add Money To Your Pocket?

Our selling strategy guarantees a short turnover time for you.

This means you get to turn over money faster selling our toilet paper rolls while making profits faster too.


Our class B distributors in our state sell nothing less than 2000 bags of each stock-keeping unit per month

Imagine being the sole distributor of our toilet paper rolls in your state, I am confident you would double that sale in one month.

Now, if you sell with a profit margin of N200-N250/bag-you can comfortably make over N400,000/monthly selling our toilet paper rolls with the support of TPES!

Imagine being able to earn more money simply because you are now selling high-quality toilet paper rolls backed up with a powerful marketing system that:

  •  generates steady demand for our toilet paper rolls which helps you turn over our products in a short period making more money in a short time
  • creates loyal customers who come to your shop to ask for our toilet paper brands because they received value the last time they bought it

That’s why I invite you to partner with us by becoming a distributor of our toilet paper brand in your location.

Not only will you make money faster selling our toilet paper brands…

…you will also enjoy these amazing benefits when you become our toilet paper distributor today:

  • Free shipping on orders that meet our minimum order value of 4000k bags/consignment 
  • N50,000 worth of toilet paper samples
  •  Consistent digital marketing support
  • 1% discount on all orders payable to you
  • Incentives on sales goals (terms and conditions apply)

That’s not all, to guarantee you make money selling our toilet paper rolls and recover your investment with us. I have added a

Victorian Bonus

For you. We will make you the sole distributor of our toilet paper brands for ONE YEAR. If we receive your order today.
What this means is that you get to enjoy the market monopoly for one full year.

This gives you enough time to mint money selling our toilet paper rolls in the market without any fear of another distributor sharing the spoils with you for one whole year.

We’re currently in search of successful toilet paper distributors nationwide. Our objective for now is to have a minimum of 2-3 distributors per state.

What this means is that as soon as we receive an order from any interested person in any state, we will seal the deal for that state for one year.

And allow the distributor to enjoy our amazing discounts, incentives, and one-year market monopoly.

So, if you don’t want to be on the waiting list for one year and watch someone else take all the wins from our amazing toilet paper selling system, pick up your phone and get in touch with me today let’s set you up on becoming the distributor of one of the fastest selling toilet paper brand in Owerri today.

What’s the minimum order quantity I need to start with?

Due to the high-cost cost of interstate haulage, you need to place a minimum of 4000 bags of our various stock-keeping units (SKU).
However, if you have a vehicle that can convey your goods to your location, then you buy as much as your vehicle can carry.

 What If You Supply Me Substandard Toilet Paper Rolls After I’ve Paid?

While I understand your fears. However, we at Vichaez Integrated Enterprise were able to wrestle market share from already established toilet paper companies because we have been adjudged to be consistent in the supply of high-quality toilet paper rolls in the market for over seven years now by our customers.

You can go and verify this claim through our customer’s testimonials and feedback from our social media channels.

Or make your independent investigation concerning our business process.

We take pride in building formidable business relationships with our distributors, we could not have achieved this by being shady in our business dealings over these years with our customers. 

What If You Fail To Supply Me After I Have Paid?

I think what you’re asking is whether Vichaez Integrated Enterprise, a registered company with the corporate affairs commission in Nigeria, with a verifiable business address, will “chop” your money after you’ve paid.

The answer is a resounding NO!

Our office is located opposite a police station. So fear not.

However, depending on the volume of orders raised, we usually dispatch our outbound orders within seven working days.

This is to enable us to finalize logistics and complete the production process, where the order volume received is large. 

Concerning all these fears. And to encourage you to partner with us. Here’s my  

Cheat-Me-Now Guarantee

We will deliver high-quality toilet paper rolls to you. In the unlikely situation, you received substandard toilet paper rolls, significantly different from what was advertised. 

Vichaez Integrated Enterprise will make a full refund of your money back on receipt of our previously invoiced goods back to our warehouse in good condition.
However, terms and conditions apply.

So, if you want to make more money by distributing a fast selling, high-quality toilet paper from a reliable and verifiable company

Chat me up on my personal WhatsApp number through the button below and I will personally set you up to:

  •  distribute a fast-selling toilet paper
  • distribute a high-quality toilet paper engineered to sell itself faster in the market thereby making turning over money for you faster
  • enjoy ONE YEAR market monopoly
  • enjoy amazing discounts and incentives
  • receive N50,000 worth of product samples to help you sensitize your market
  • amazing marketing support to help you sell fast-fast

Recall that we are in search of just one distributor in each state. What this means is that as soon as we secure a deal with any toilet paper distributor, we won’t accept any more distributorship deals from anyone in that state no matter how juicy it is.

Chat me up to take advantage of these amazing toilet paper sales engineering strategies that put money in the pockets of our distributor before someone else does.

How To Make Money Distributing Toilet Papers