When Victoria toilet paper was introduced into the market. It created a a new product category for the first time in the Nigerian toilet paper market. One of our current distributors was skeptical about it’s positioning in the market.

While he was yet to make up his mind we sold right at his shop all the samples we entered the market with. There and then, he ordered. Ever since then we have built a huge customer base of people who have grown to love Victoria toilet papers. But don’t take my words for it…see what a few of our customers have to say below

Vichaez Integrated Enterprise is one of the most reputable company I have done business with for very long time and they have one of the tissue paper in town. It's so nice doing business with vichaez.

Oguka Elvis

Vichaez integrated enterprise produces nice toilet paper rolls and I have been using it for some time now ,it is reliable and rashes free. “Great!! Keep up the good work.

Amarachi Irene

This product is consumer’s choice while shopping for tissue paper, due to, it is a good and very nice product. Both in texture and quality. My customers do prefer it to other products and it is cost friendly.


My line of business gives me the opportunity to sell variety of goods and products, but when it comes to tissue papers I recommend VICTORIA TOILET TISSUE. It's well stuffed, hygienically safe, easy to pull ply, firm and unique.


Reliable company with great product. This their Victoria tissue can literally pass as the best paper roll I've come across both in quality and otherwise.

Peace Elvin

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